Friday 2 August 2013

Rally - Speyside Test

Around 30 cars turned up at this morning's Test Day ahead of tomorrow's McDonald and Munro Speyside Stages Rally. Over 70 guests from the event sponsors, Forestry Commission staff and drivers' own guests got a run round the 2 mile test just outside Huntly. The value of these promotional exercises cannot be overestimated. To see the huge grins from each guest as he or she climbed out of a rally car which had been driven at 7 or 8 tenths round a 2 mile test spoke volumes for the good of the sport.

Fortunately, everyone behaved themselves although Caroline Carslaw had to stop the Fiesta ST after 3 runs with a rattle from the front end, and faither Donald reckons it might be a strut. Craig Whyte got a couple of runs in his Peugeot 205 before an oil leak appeared: "Better today than tomorrow," he said, as he set off to get it fixed before Scrutineering tonight. Mike Grant has something to check out too. No obvious fault in the Subaru but there is the smell of burning rubber from under the bonnet.

Mike Faulkner was in philosophical mood: ""This will be the first time this year we've come to an event not having to repair or replace anything. Fingers crossed. All I want is a good run tomorrow."

There were a couple of short rain showers this morning in Moray and Aberdeenshire, otherwise it was sunny and warm, despite the rather more gloomy weather predictions when leaving Lanarkshire this morning.

Lucky Sturrock says the stages are all in good knick and the rain earlier in the week will help to keep the stoor at bay. And maybe they are too good. The organisers are thinking about another chicane or two in the faster tests!

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