Friday 30 August 2013

Blethers - UK Motorists ripped off

Once upon a time, diesel was cheaper than petrol in the UK. In the year 2001, diesel averaged 79 pence per litre whereas 95 octane unleaded petrol was 78.9p. That was the first year that diesel prices surged ahead of petrol and have continued to do so since.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, of the 2,044,609 cars sold last year, 1,038,679 were diesels compared to 978,089 petrol. This year, sales so far are fairly even, with 49.4 per cent sales being unleaded and 49.3 per cent diesel. In both 2011 and 2012, diesel sales outstripped their petrol counterparts for the first time.

And now, according to a worldwide cost survey commissioned by ‘This is Money’ from ‘’, UK motorists are paying the 4th highest price for diesel – in the world!

Current diesel prices in this country are 141p per litre, with 86p of that being made up of fuel duty and taxes.

The report lists the top ten diesel prices as:

10. IRELAND AND GERMANY (TIED) - 126p (per litre)
9. FINLAND - 128p
8. ICELAND - 131p
7. DENMARK - 133p
6. SWEDEN - 135p
5. ISRAEL - 138p
3. TURKEY - 144p
2. ITALY - 147p
1. NORWAY - 150p

Somebody’s making money out of it, and it ain’t the British motorist.

Full report at:

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