Saturday 3 August 2013

Rally - Bogie ahead

Davod Bogie continues to lead the McDonald and Munro Speyside Stages Rally after 6 stages with Euan Thorburn dropping back but still in second place.

"The front n/s shock absorber has seized solid," said Euan, "and I don't have a spare. It understeers on right handers and I can't push."

As for Bogie, he's enjoying the stages: "Garty is really good. You can carry SO much speed down through that quarry section."

Jock Armstrong has leapfrogged into third place: "I was just off the pace this morning. Trying too hard, but it's better now."

Quintin Milne has dropped back to fourth: "I lost front wheel drive in that last one, It was on an uphill section and I thought it was a puncture because the front end felt funny. Turns out it's just the ABS sensor, but Wayne (Sissons) has a spare so we'll get it fixed at service."

Dave Weston Snr lost time in Gartly when a driveshaft broke, but he was still 4 seconds up on Junior who is only 6 seconds behind the 'ol' man' with three stages to go.

Barry Groundwater is just outside the top ten and arrived in service with a headlamp missing from the Lancr's front end: "It's not my fault," he said in gentlemanly fashion blaming a late call from Daniel, "we just slid straight on under braking and hit a log, but there's no mechanical damage."

Calum MacKenzie continues to lead the 2WD brigade but by only 3 seconds from Matthew Robinson on his fist ever visit the north of Scotland: "The furthest north I've been till now is the McRae Stages," said Matthew, "I'm so far north I think I've got Deep Vein Thrombosis!"

Top Ten after 6 (of 9) stages:
1 Bogie, 25m 59s
2 Thorburn, 26m 02s
3 Armstrong, 26m 55s
4 Milne, 26m 56s
5 Weston Snr, 26m 59s
6 Weston jnr, 27m 05s
7 Collie, 27m 16s
8 MacDonald, 27m 20s
9 McCombie, 27m 24s
10 Faulkner, 27m 37s

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