Saturday 10 August 2013

Rally - Mark in charge

Mark McCulloch continues to lead the Solway Coast Rally, but his main rival, David Hardie crashed out on Stage 5. The Subaru got loose on the outside of a Right 2, then hit a banking on the other side of the road which launched it into the trees. Both he and John McCulloch stepped out OK, but a subsequent underbonnet fire needed 3 fire exts to put it out.

Ian Paterson has moved up to second place, but brother Stuart is out. He went off on Stage 6 and damaged the brakes. Only he didn't know it at the time. Got back on the road and carried on. Then when he braked for the next corner realised he had no brakes! He retired, parked amidst the green stuff.

Jim Sharp is now third after a canny run just ahead of Richard Dickson. Steve Retchless is still the top 2WD car, the Escort holding 6th place, but Ian Forgan in the Ka is up to 7th while Scott Russell in the wee Corsa is 10th.

Stuart Walker is out with a broken clutch in the Lancer, while Billy McClelland broke a timing belt in his Evo3.

Top Ten after 6 (of 10) stages:
1 Mark McCulloch, 37m 48s
2 Ian Paterson, 39m 27s
3 Jim Sharp, 39m 34s
4 Richard Dickson, 39m 43s
5 Stuart Baillie, 39m 59s
6 Steve Retchless, 40m 39s
7 Duncan Wardrop, 41m 19s
8 Ian Forgan, 41m 24s
9 Richard Stewart, 41m 26s
10 Scott Russell, 43m 29s

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