Tuesday 27 August 2013

Rally - Another Statement!

Crikey, another 'statement' this morning, this time from the ARR Craib Scottish Rally Championship ...

"The closing date for entry to the the GWF Energy Merrick  Stages has been extended until 31st August at 12 noon.  if you are intending to compete, please let the organisers have your completed entry forms as soon as possible. Online entry is an option."

And following the mid-year Championship meeting two weekends ago comes another 'statement' ...

"Vehicle eligibilty for the 2014 season will remain as the current season.  Competitors will be consulted over the next 12 months for  2015.

Competition car registration plates! These items must now comply with Construction and Use Regulations. (Indeed, they always have). Scrutineers will be inspecting and enforcing this ruling beginning at the Merrick Stages, and on into next year's championship. This will have particular regard to the size of the lettering and numerals."

So no black insutating tape or marker pens on sticky backed plastic from now on! And here's a thought. Some of these very same Scroots may well be operating on Mull for the Tour, so don't be surprised if you get pulled up about it.

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