Friday 2 August 2013

Rally - Speyside latest

Asked Dave Weston Snr how much the bet was between himself and Dave Weston Jnr - so much per stage, or so much per mile? Both had a run out at the test day earlier, Snr in the 02 Focus WRC and Jnr in the 05 Impreza WRC.

Dave said: "There's no bet as such, but I did say to him that if he beat me both times in Gartly, I'd hang my helmet up. I like Gartly." Game on.

He then added cheekily: "I've registered for the Scottish Championship." I wonder if  David and Euan know that?

Chris Collie had a wee panic on earlier: "We spent a lot of time after the Scottish repairing the floor and underside of the car, so I just wanted to check everything out this morning. First run, a bad vibration right through the car. I thought 'oh sh*t' because I had some of my own sponsors there. Anyway I gave them a run and a scare and then jacked the car up. Turned out the centre exhaust bracket had broken, so I'm going down to Mike Grant's place tonight in Elgin to get it welded."

Alex Pirie was quite pleased at the test day: "I asked David Bogie if he would sit with me and see how I was doing," said Alex, "He's just a regular bloke. There was just one bit where he said I could have gone harder and carried a bit more speed but reckoned that I couldn't have got the Yaris round any faster, so I was quite pleased with that."

Ian Paterson in the Impreza is the latest regulat to revert to pump fuel: "We'll use it for the first tomorrow, but we had it on the rolling road and It's only 12 bhp down, so we'll give it a try tomorrow. I like the shorter stages. It must be an age thing."

Sandy Arbuthnott is facing an all-nighter - again. The Jag engined Metro blew its diff today.

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