Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Blethers - Airport pals

It's amazing who you bump into airports when flying incognito. Just back from Scandinavia watching Number 1 son at Rally Finland, F Loudon Esq was promoting biscuits at Glasgow Airport this morning. Apparently this a regular thing which Tunnocks find most beneficial, that's because Tunnocks is no longer simply a baker and biscuit manufacturers, it's a 'brand'.

Anyway there he was with Ian from Tunnocks dishing out samples of their wafers and teacakes just outside the security gates catching everyone departing the country. It's amazing just how many furriners recognise the brand, nearly as famous as shortbread and whisky. Did I get a sample? Oddly enough no, maybe we were too busy chatting, or maybe he's trying to tell me something - no more chocolate!

Then wandering towards the Departure Gates I was hailed by another strange fellow, one Tom Brown Esq. I hadn't seen the ex-Scottish Formula Ford Champion for years, but he's not been in the best of health of late. He suffers from light sensitivity following a lightning strike way back in 2006. He was with his cousin Vicky who was taking him on holiday for a week to Portugal. I think she was joking when she said she only bought a one-way ticket for Tom.

Poor health has stopped him from working but he was still remarkably cheerful and ruddy cheeked, so I hope the holiday does him some good.

As for me I'm off to foreign lands, Englandshire, to be geographically precise. Ford reclaimed their Transit Custom a few weeks ago which I have been driving for the past 6 months, and I'm popping down to Essex to collect another. This time it's a 'proper' Transit, a high roof, lwb job in white. Probably one of the last such vehicles before the all-new Transit is revealed to the great British public next month and which will be on our roads early next year. So this will provide the ideal back-to-back comparison.

Ideal transport for this weekend's event at Dundrennan and Otterburn.

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