Tuesday 26 February 2013

Road - Testing at Silverstone

Citan at Brackley
Mercedes-Benz launched its new small van, the Citan,  to the UK LCV press today and chose an unusual location for the event - Mercedes-Benz AMG F1 HQ at Brackley, and that was followed by a road run out to Silverstone in the vans!

There was a bit of a manoeuvreability test at Silverstone once we got there (definitely not against the clock - pity!) and then lunch which was held in the ex-McLaren F1 Team's original mobile 'motorhome' HQ complex at the circuit.

This unit was used by the McLaren team's drivers, engineers, PR folk and certain guests from the Imola F1 race in 2002 to the French GP in 2007. During its working life this 'building' travelled 86,731 kms and officiated at 53 race meetings.

Ornament in Reception!

It has now been purchased for use by Mercedes-Benz and we got a wee tour of the facility after lunch. Considering it was transported on 7 trucks to and from circuits, it's quite an undertaking. Apparently it took 4 to 5 days to erect it but the record was 18 hours. It even has its own inbuilt crane to raise the roof on the 2 storey building.

We even got a wee peek into 'Ron's office'. If that was impressive, the very latest Mercedes-Benz 3 storey unit is transported on 15 lorries.

As for the wee van, although it's based on the Renault Kangoo, Mercedes have added their own tweaks to the production process.

Ron's office - small but perfectly formed!

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