Tuesday 12 February 2013

Rally - Grunt or Grip?

Right. What do you want? More power or better stage times? The two do not necessarily go hand in hand.

With some 'racing fuels' costing more than twice the price of standard pump fuel, a number of rally crews are finding that it makes more sense to have their engines re-mapped to run on the cheaper alternative.

Yes, they will lose a bit of power, but if they spend the money on more tyres, they will get better grip. That also means better handling, more stability and improved braking performance.

You can have all the power in the world, but if you can't put it to good use, what's the point?

There is a very informative article up on the website now, and it's a 'must-read' for those who think more grunt is all they need.


It'll give you something to think about this weekend on the Snowman.

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