Thursday 28 February 2013

Road - Parts scam

The Fifelette was driving through Glasgow yesterday when the door mirror glass popped out and fell on the road courtesy of Maryhill Road's vast selection of pot holes.

If Glasgow City Council sent pictures of the road surface to Iraq and Afghanistan I'm sure the folks over there would send donations to help them out, thinking that we needed their help more than they needed ours.

Anyway, I phoned the local Vauxhall dealer this morning for a replacement mirror glass for her Vauxhall Astra, and was quoted 73 quid. I said I only needed the mirror, not the whole housing. I was then informed that this price was simply for the mirror glass and backing plate.

Apparently, this is quite a common occurrence on Vauxhalls, or so I was told by the Parts guy, who said it was down to the cold weather affecting the adhesive.

But I only needed the mirror, the plate was still attached. "Sorry sir, it comes as one unit, we can't split it."

So I went to Halfords, bought a replacement mirror, which had a big dod of double sided sticky-backed plastic on the back, and got enough change out of a tenner for a wee bag of jelly beans. Result!

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