Monday 11 February 2013

Road - American muscle

No apologies, no excuses, I love one of these cars, but which one?

Both cars are currently on display at the Chicago Auto Show in America. Oddly enough, both cars are ‘show cars’, one was built to promote the new Dreamworks ‘Turbo’ cinema film while the other was used to promote the ‘Hot Wheels’ toy car range.

The brute which was styled using Lego bricks has a monstrous 700+ hp V8 and sits on 24 inch wheels while the more attractive model evokes the glamour and curves of Marilyn Monroe and came with a much more modest 140 hp straight six. But that was the entry level car, options included a range of V8s with 290 to 375 hp.

Now be honest, which one would you prefer?

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