Monday 4 February 2013

Road - Colourful Clio

Renault was in Scotland at the weekend, showing off their new Clio to Scotland's motoring journalists, and I had a wee shottie of the 898 cc Clio Dynamique, and despite the Christmas tree approach to interior decoration, I liked it. 

Yes, there are more sober versions of the car, but Renault has greatly extended the range of options which buyers can choose to personalise their Clio.

Prices start from just over ten and a half thousand pounds for the basic four seater, which still looks good, but without the need for wearing sun glasses inside the car. As it was, I had the Dynamique MediaNav version at just over £14,630 with red highlights - very red.

According to Renault this degree of personalisation will appeal to the young. In my case, the very young. I reckon 5 to 6 year olds, one step up from their Little Tykes' trotter car.

It didn't actually put me off though, and it was fine for a weekend, the 90 hp, 3 cylinder engine a joy to listen to and a joy to drive, just not in my colour.

I also got the chance to drive the updated Renault Twingo Renaultsport 133 (a wee belter!) and there will be a full appraisal of all the cars up on the website soon, but there's another launch to go to today, so more driving tomorrow.

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