Wednesday 6 February 2013

Road - Salt rash

Driving up the M6 late last night and listening to the salty spray from the slush and snow washing along the underside of the brand new Ford Transit Custom and the grit shotblasting the wheelarches, I had time to think. In times gone past, some cars wouldn’t have survived that journey, completely eaten away by salt rash long before they crossed the border.

Fibreglass was supposed to the great saviour, but look what that did to the fortunes of TVR, Reliant and even Lotus.

Anyway, this item caught my eye this morning. Armor All Shield is supposed to protect paintwork from such salty mush and subsequent erosion. The idea is to apply it like polish after the car has been thoroughly washed, and this protection should last up to ten washes before needing another application.

Is it worth a trial? 

Look at it another way, it could make the weans earn their pocket money at weekends.

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