Wednesday 27 February 2013

Road - Surprise visitor

Well, there we all were, sitting at an LCV Press conference in the Mercedes-Benz AMG HQ in Brackley, Englandshire, talking about vans and logistics, and not once were the words speed or racing mentioned, when a stranger entered the room.

Not that he was involved in the LCV side of the business, but Mr Ross Brawn had a few things to say about transport, delivery times, reliability and the right tool for the job. Apparently, the F1 race team can have anything up to eight vans delivering last minute stuff such as upgrades, new parts and essential spare parts in the run up to each F1 race. Not necessarily driving them from site to circuit (although that happens at times), but dropping off packages at airports for onwards delivery. So, logistics plays an important role in the running of an F1 team.

He also talked about his early days with Frank Williams when there were only 7 members in the team. That meant that everyone had to muck in and do things that weren't on their job description or attempt things they knew little about!

And that included Mr Brawn having to take the wheel of the race truck at times. But did he have the correct HGV licence? I couldn't possibly say!

Still, given the news this week that he might be out of a job soon, he can always add race truck driver to his CV and see if he can get another position in F1.

Not that he was saying anything about that, but what a charming man.

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