Monday 25 February 2013

Blethers - Motorway madness

What is it about the Brits? One glimpse of good weather sends a rush of blood to the head and they all go daft. It was motorway chaos earlier this evening due to accidents.

Heading south on the M6 early this evening I was puzzled by all the lights on the A6070 which runs parallel to the M6 between Junctions 35 and 36 at Carnforth. Then I twigged, the northbound carriageway was empty. There had been a bad accident this morning and the Traffic cops, Highways Agency kid-ons and motorway contractors were still engrossed in their calculations and considerations.

But this was the start of the rush hour, and three lanes of northbound motorway traffic were being herded on to a single cariageway 'A' road. It was jammed solid as far as the eye could see. Passing Lancaster services further south it was jam packed with lorries. They were queuing up on the hard shoulder to get in, the service area was hochin' and the trucks which couldn't get parked were driving through and just parking up on the hard shoulder on the far side, rather than risk getting stuck in this humungous jam just up the road.

Unfortunately, there was another accident southbound ahead of me at Leyland, but it was clearing as I arrived and I just caught the tail of it as it freed up, so minimal delay that time.

And there's more. Earlier passing Carlisle I passed a farmhouse beside the motorway on fire and the Highways Agency boy scouts were out on the carriageway trying to waft the plumes of smoke away. If it wasn't so serious it would have been comical.

And there was worse. By the time I got to the hotel in Bicester, the kitchen was closed and there was no hot food! And it was only just gone 9 pm.

Great Britain - closed for business right enough.

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