Friday, 15 February 2013

Rally - Snowman test

Buchanan gies it laldy!

Groundwater in a snow-free zone
If tulips and cuckoos herald the arrival of spring, then the sight and sound of a MkII in the woods is a sure sign that the Scottish rallying season is upon us. Forget the 'glorious 12th', tomorrow will be motor sport's magnificent 16th!

Quite a few drivers took the opportunity of this morning's pre-event test session to blow the cobwebs out of their cylinder heads. David Bogie finalised the suspension settings on his new Focus WRC while Chris Collie gave his completely rebuilt (well, at least the greasy bits, the body bits still need some work!) Lancer a shakedown.

Quintin Milne completed less runs than intended when his EVO9's temperature shot up. He's not unduly worried, as Lancers and thermostats can be a bit temperamental but he's away to check it for sure.

Graeme Schoneville attacked the senses with the high revving Honda but as the road cut up, so the wee Honda suffered underneath and the team
were last seen raising the ride height. One of the stars of last season, Barry Groundwater gave his oxters a workout and Stuart Glendining wrestled his Puma around the 2 mile test stage still trying to get the wayward beast sorted.

Alistair Inglis gave his Lancer a burst of action before loading it back on the trailer ready for tomorrow while a few other worthies tested their winter upgrades. There were also quite a few spectators out and about getting a pre-season 'fix' ahead of tomorrow's glut of motor rallying action.

But for sheer aural pleasure, Malcolm Buchanan was the man, the Escort singing its heart out in the woods, it's spiritual home. Roll on tomorrow.

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