Monday 5 March 2012

Road - Pickup a Focus

Spotted at M-Sport at the weekend was this Dovenby estate runabout. I don’t know if Ford knows anything about it, and it certainly isn’t a ‘concept’ vehicle but this is what the lads and lassies use to ferry folk and carry stuff from building to building.

It’s not registered, and it’s not MOT’d, so it can’t run on the public road, but as a way of giving the youngsters in the body shop a chance to play with metal and practice on real motors, it’s ideal.

It’s basically just a Ford Focus car with the ‘hatchback’ cut off and a plate welded to the back of the two seater cab while the rear panels are filled and a floor laid to provide a robust pickup body. A bit of checkerplate over the rear bumper lip protects the plastic and there is a robust and functional, rather than stylish and attractive, tow bar sticking through at the rear.

Topping it all off is a single hoop ‘roll-cage’ round the cab so that longer items can be carried and don’t need to stick out the back – handy when reversing!

1 comment:

  1. This Mod would have worked out a lot better if they had used the focus wagon instead of a hatchback J.M.O. Would have made more cargo space in the longer bed.

    I've been entertaining the concept of a Ford Ranchero II based on the Focus wagon with a beefed up Zetec engine raised maybe 2-4 inches with a roll/light bar behind the cab.

    Maybe even paint it in original 70's colors LOL.