Friday 9 March 2012

Road - Fancy a Chauffeur?

The only reason for using this image (honest!) from the Geneva Motor Show is to highlight the principal advantages of hiring a chauffeur. Although outwith the budgets of most everyday drivers, those who aspire to setting an example and presenting an image like politicians, rock stars and TV celebrities must consider such an appointment.

For a start, just look at the shine on the paintwork. Not a speck of dust or spot of mud. The wheels are shiny and the tyres clean and black. Even the matt black diffuser has a sheen to it and the chrome is bright enough to dazzle. Not only does it look good, but such an elbow-greased layer of silicon wax will protect the valuable paintwork from winter salt and soft summer tar splashes while protecting the automotive financial investment.

Bird droppings won’t get the chance to mark the paint and sap from trees will never sully the shine. Small boys will be deterred from playing football anywhere near the car and ‘keyed coachlines’ from the envious will be dissuaded by the threat of a good kicking from a pointed leather stiletto boot.

Parking charges will be a thing of the past too, as the chauffeur can drop you off at work or a meeting, then go and park freely elsewhere returning at the first buzz of the mobile.

There are other cost savings to be had too, think of all the Sundays you’ll save having someone else wash and wax the car. That is surely worthy of consideration and such savings can be put towards the hire of a chauffeur.

And what sort of car is it? Who cares!

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