Friday 2 March 2012

Rally -The Wimmin

What is it with Scottish women? They seem to make the best co-drivers. This weekend Kirsty Riddick is out with Cumbria’s Paul Bird in the Ford Focus WRC, Louise Sutherland is with Yorskshire’s Steve ‘the Malton Missile’ Bannister in a MkII Ford Escort and Jane Nicol is alongside Welshman Darren Jones in the BMW 325i – into which he has just installed a 2.5 litre 24 valve engine out of a 525 and doesn’t it sound minted.

Anyway, why do the Scots girls make such good co-drivers? Is it because they are good at shouting and ordering men around? Did they have to learn map reading skills at school to avoid the nasty boys on the way home?  Or is it all part of their master plan to take over the world? Think about it, when they’re ready they’ll just take down all the road signs and leave us running around in circles.

And then maybe not. Earlier this evening I saw Louise and Steve wandering around looking a bit lost so I had a word. Louise said they were looking for ‘Signing-On’ which was in the Malcolm Wilson/Ford WRC ‘Merchandising Unit’ but they couldn’t find it. I explained to Louise that Merchandising Unit is just a polite English term for ‘shoap’! She found it quick then.

On that basis there is hope for us menfolk yet. When the wimmin take down the road signs we just need to extend the shopping hours!

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