Wednesday 29 February 2012

Road - Panda spotting

Another week, another hotel. At least this time it’s local. Last week it was the Ramada Inn at the NEC (which was booked through for the princely sum of 40 quid compared to the usual price of £160 if there is an event on at the NEC) but this time it’s local. The Scottish and Irish motoring journalists are gathering in Edinburgh for the launch of the new Fiat Panda.

Fiat are expecting the Panda to do well in Scotland because the Scots love thrifty little cars. In fact the wifey across the road from my house has one and loves it to bits. Anyway we’re all gathering in the bar at 6.30 pm ready for the presentation at 7.30 pm. But don’t go thinking this will be a convivial, liquid affair, we all take it far too seriously for that.

And here’s a nugget of useless information. Some manufactures have been known to ask their guests to take a breathalyser test in the morning before driving their cars. That caught out a few of the die-hards in the past, but seriously motoring journalists are rather more responsible than some of their other colleagues these days despite what Top Gear’s antics might suggest.

Besides the days of expensive and expansive press launches are long gone. It’s all terribly serious these days.

There’s a 120 mile route planned for tomorrow morning so we’ll just have to wait and see what automotive delights lie in store.

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