Tuesday 7 February 2012

Road - Alloy protection

If you’ve got a set of expensive alloy wheels on your car, or any other car in the household, and are worried about scuffs and scrapes, here’s a neat idea. A British company has developed a very simple wheel rim protector which might just save you some money and protect the resale value of the car.

Using a shaped beading made from very tough nylon, the ‘Alloygator’ is inserted between the tyre and the wheel rim edge after letting the air out of the tyre.  It appears to be easily fitted into place and then the tyre is re-inflated to lock it into position. 

The beading comes in nine different colours so it will appeal to the weans in the household, thereby protecting their street cred rather than expressing your confidence in their parking abilities, while the standard black colour will do for your own or the wife’s car!

Sixty quid sounds a bit much for some plastic beading, but you can see the product on a wee video and watch a fitting on the company’s website at:

Not that I need it of course, but I thought it was a nifty idea.

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