Monday 20 February 2012

Road - Ne bevvy pas en France!

It’s obvious the French have taken the huff with us Brits, and maybe the rest of the Euro-continentals as well, because anyone contemplating driving abroad will now need to add even more kit to the mandatory stuff that already has to be carried in vehicles at all times.

As of the 1st July, British motorists will have to carry a breathalyser kit in the car at all times - and more likely two, in case you’ve used one after a night on the vino collapso, and then the Gendarmes stop you anyway.

And don’t think you won’t need to check, because the drink/drive limit in France is actually lower than it is over here at 50 mg per 100 ml, as opposed to 80 mg per 100 ml in dear old Blighty, so British rules do not apply in furrin-land.

If you haven’t got such a thing, don’t worry too much, single-use breathalysers are currently on sale at ferry and tunnel terminals now, and they’ll probably stock up on more ahead of the Summer hols.

In other words it’s just one more thing to pack alongside the thongs, mankinis, sun cream and Saltires to wave at Le Mans!

When driving abroad you will need:
Spare light bulbs
GB sticker or GB Euroflag numberplate
Hi-Viz jacket (some countries require 2)
Headlamp converter
First Aid kit
Warning Triangle

Also Recommended:
Fire extinguisher – some countries rule that you must stop to help stricken motorists.
Tyre inflator or metal barrel foot pump
Breakdown and emergency kit

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