Saturday 18 February 2012

Rally - Bogie leads

With 3 stages gone in today’s Snowman Rally, David Bogie has taken an early from Mike Faulkner but Euan Thorburn was slow through the first stage thus morning.

Early times show:
David Bogie 11m 21s
Mike Faulkner 11m 34s
Calum MacKenzie 12m 17s
Barry Groundwater 12m 21s
Bruce McCombie 12m 22s
Rory Young 12m 31s
Peter Taylor 12m 39s
John Morrison 12m 45s
Euan Thorburn 12m 49s
David Wilson 12m 52s
Chris Collie 12m 578s

But Reay MacKay is out. The Subaru was billowing clouds of white steam in the crisp, clear, bitterly cold, sunlit air near the end of the first stage, and was spotted parked up on the A9 at the stage exit with suspected head gasket failure .

Michael Glendinning and Alistair Inglis were both going well through the first stage, but have slid off in the treacherously slippy Ord Hill, where drivers had to cope with windy snow flurries which obscured any sight of the nearby Kessock Bridge – compared to the sunny day’s opener. So it looks as though weather conditions will continue to play a factor in today’s event.

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