Saturday 18 February 2012

Rally - 1st Service Roundup

The snow is on with a vengeance now. It’s wet, cold and horrible at the Service Park in Muir of Ord with bitterly cold snow showers sweeping across the landscape, but the crew have got to get down, under and on with it.

Calum MacLeod broke a throttle cable in the MG on SS1 but then had an intermittent electrical fault over the next two stages ... Matthew Calderwood forgot to switch on the anti-lag on SS1 (dohhhh!) but didn’t really miss it in the slippery conditions ... Fraser Wilson’s turbo pipe came loose and rear suspension arm worked loose but reckons it was just rebuild teething troubles ... Carl Tuer slid when being flagged down by spectators cos of cars already off in Ord Hill ahead of him, but Michael Glendinning who was already off sportingly helped by pushing the MG out although much time has been lost ... Alasdair Graham had a clutch problem in the first stage and it is being bled at service so he can get gears ... The other Alasdair S Graham had a wee off in the Nova but didn’t lose much time ... Charlie Jarrett cannae see,  cos the heated w/screen isn’t working ... Scott Grant had to change a driveshaft at midnight last night, but glad he did so and things are OK this morning ... Graeme Smith lost all brakes in the Honda at the end of the first stage and had to do the next two using the handbrake and is having to carry a can of fluid to top up the reservoir... Kevin Ronaldson was off in Ord Hill and banged the rear quarter of the Subaru but it’s only panel damage ... Kenny Wood’s alternator isn’t working in the V6 Dolomite (doesn’t it sound ,minted?) ... Jim Robertson had a wee off in the C2 in Ord Hill ... Niall Inglis is trying to fix his handbrake in the Nova which appears to be binding on the rear wheels ... Stewart Davidson has broken the front anti roll bar mounting on the Escort and done some other damage ... Bill Davidson’s wipers failed in SS3 during the snow! ... Alex Pirie is tightening up the sumpguard bolts after rubbing the Corsa’s erse on the glaur in SS2 and 3 ... Colin Grant’s co-driver Michael Cruickshank did the the second stage holding the Skoda’s door shut when the Marshal didn’t quite manage to close it at the Start.

And those are the lucky ones, there are a lot of cars off in SS2 and 3, and now it's the 13.5 miler next.

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