Wednesday 31 March 2021

Rally - Gamechanger?

If the new Kia EV6 can live up to its advertising blurb, and there is no reason why not, then the future of motor rallying might not be quite as bleak as it looks at present. It would appear that Kia has taken a mighty step forward in electric car acceptability.


This SUV styled machine comes with a choice of options and specifications as you might expect. Of particular interest to us rally fans, is an option to specify a long range battery pack which should be good for up to 316 miles on a single charge.


Of even more interest is the fact that this new electric vehicle will also have 800V ultra-fast charging capability which means that the EV6 can go from 10 to 80 per cent battery charge in just 18 minutes. And for the performance nuts amongst us, the GT version will hit 60 mph from rest in around 3.5 seconds and will do 160 mph if the Polis aren't looking.


Admittedly the price range of these new SUVs goes from 40 grand up to 60, but what's really important here is the technology advances - improved range and awfy quick chargers. It starts to make the whole idea of 'long range' performance rally cars not so much of  a pipe dream after all.


On this basis it won't be long now before we have more compact, easily interchangeable battery packs and even faster charging. The only downsides are no whiffs of Castrol R and no blood curdling music from BDAs and V8s.


And if you think this is far fetched. Remember when Japanese cars first started to make their skinny wheeled appearance on British roads and the over-managed, strike blighted British car manufacturers laughed?


They are not laughing now - they've all gone, but Kia appears to be doing the business, and they are just the first among many.


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