Friday 5 March 2021

Rally - Snowman Rallython

22 years ago, in a forest, far far, away ....
Apparently there are still some curmudgeonly auld gits out there who stoically remain computer deniers and smartphone refuters. In the same way they refuse to acknowledge Facebook because they think it is full of nutters and eedjits, but like anything in life, it's the minority who ruin it for the majority.

Facebook is no different, but if you keep a low profile you can avoid the dreaded hassle of interference from folk you wouldn't want interfering with you!

A case in point. Tomorrow's 'Snowman Rallython' (Sat 6th) will provide a reason for getting on line for a spot of FB sporting indulgence. In the absence of any real rallying, Highland Car Club have come up with a unique concept to fill what would have been a day's sport in the woods, with a day's sporting nostalgia in the armchair.

They have been seeking contributions for this from all across the UK and abroad - and even further away than Englandshire too. Film and video clips, photos in colour and black & white, articles and interviews from 60 years of Snowman Rallies will fill the daylight hours. And they won't just feature the rich and famous, but will also include the poor and downtrodden. Already some tantalising images have been posted on HCC's page, so log on for more tomorrow.

And if you like what you see and hear, there's also a chance to smarten up your wardrobe and benefit some good causes.


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