Friday 13 March 2020

Rally - Mull Hire Classic

The Man ... and his ever watching sentinel ... I’ll bet he’s pleased. The man who brought rallying to Mull now has two reasons to be chuffed, two Mull Rallies a year. One for the very essence of the sport, the clubman and woman, and one for the earthbound rocketeers later in the year.

It’s something of a pilgrimage on each visit to the Island for ardent Mull Rally fans, a visit to the cairn high above Dervaig, and a chat with the man who had the vision to bring rally sport to the island and the tenacity to carry it out. For sure there were many helpers along the way, and there were many hurdles to overcome, but perseverance and determination won out. Disappointment and failure were never considered.

The early Mull rallies were Selective type events but in 1990 came the long sought, and worked for, Act of Parliament to allow Closed Road Rallies.

That moved the Mull event up a league, but the introduction of a Targa Rally three years back when the sport hit another troubled patch brought the sport back to basics.

And now this weekend, we have the Mull Hire Classic Rally, so lets’ get to it. Ahead lies a competitive day long challenge but with the promise of fun and banter along the way and perhaps a nippy sweetie or two, or three tomorrow night. Not tonight though, hot cocoa and early to bed to be fit for the challenge, for who knows what challenges tomorrow will bring?

We all owe a great debt to The Man – thanks Brian. And thanks also to Mull Car Club and friends for this weekend.

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