Friday 14 October 2016

Rally - Prodigal return

Ten years ago a couple of keen young ‘Motorsport News’ whippersnappers from London (that’s in Englandshire by the way, near France) came up to Mull to see what all the fuss was about. They were enthralled, excited and captivated and swore that they would return one day to sample the automotive delights and flavours of this unique and wonderful event.

They kept their word and re-appeared on the island yesterday. Today Matt Burt is Editor of the esteemed and authoritative ‘Autocar’ weekly magazine while Jonathan Mudd has deserted the honest and honourable world of motor sporting journalism for the big bucks (or not, as he claims) glittering world of PR.

When they first appeared ten years ago they were hell bent on absorbing the whole island and event experience and were intent on camping in a tent, on Mull, in October. It was cold, wet, windy and dreich that year. Angus Cameron took pity on the poor wee drookit souls and offered them a caravan at his campsite on the top side of the city of Tobermory. Guess where they are staying this year. Yup, the very same caravan – which begs the question. Is Angus charging them the same 2005 rate? Somehow I wouldn’t think so, eh?

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