Friday 14 October 2016

Rally - Budget rallying

Accompanying Innes Mochrie to Scrutineering was Paul Hunter who suffered a spectacular crash with his Mini Metro at the Mach 1 Stages a few months back. Paul was OK but the car was thereafter an ex-Mini Metro. He sourced a donor car through Facebook and phoned the chap. He then negotiated the wallet emptying price of 200 quid and went to collect it – in Southampton! “I drove it back,” he said, “all-in it cost me 350 quid and that included flights down there and fuel home. Since then we’ve done about a 1,000 miles in the car and it’s here this weekend supporting Innes. But we’ll strip it after this and get it ready for next season.”

Innes is cut from the same penny pinching mould and could probably teach Scrooge a thing or two about his spendthrift ways. Anyway, his own Mini Metro is now sporting a pair of homemade turrets in the rear arches so the question was asked: “It was a bit bouncey over the bumps on Mull last year,” said Innes, “so it needed new shockers for this year. I just happened to find a pair of 1970s Monroe Gasmatics lying around the garage so we built our own turrets to accommodate them.”

Who says rallying is expensive, eh?

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