Thursday 20 October 2016

Rally - Latest issue of SRS

The latest (Number 4) edition of Bob Irvine's Scottish Rally Scene Magazine is now on sale and available via Ebay, Scotfab in Aberdeen, Mercury Motors at Lundin Links and Steve Turner at Turner Autosport, or look out for Bob at the rallies - the next one being this Saturday at Leuchars. The mags can usually be found at Signing-On if you can't find Bob.

This latest edition features articles which will appeal to all age groups, the young, the middle aged and the very old, for instance Greg McKnight, Quintin Milne and Murray Grierson - that's my description by the way not Bob's!

It will also have reports from the Pendragon, Grampian and Galloway Hills rallies and a feature on Rally Hebrides. Ian Bell is the featured photographer and there will be "other stuff" inside as well.

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