Friday 14 October 2016

Rally - The big crash

We’ve already had a big crash ahead of the rally. It happened in MacGochan’s on Wednesday night when mayhem ensued. The names of those involved may or may not have been changed to protect them from further embarrassment, but it would appear from eye-witness reports that Kenny (Murray) and Caroline (Will) were involved and sundry other spectators.

Allegedly, Caroline (if that is her real name) was on top of Kenny’s (that may or not be his real name too) shoulders when Kenny tottered, collapsed and fell, Caroline was sent flying and scattered the rest of their entourage like skittles. There were bodies and beer everywhere. It was further alleged that alcohol may have been involved in this stramash, but knowing this pair (or not) I would deem that highly unlikely. What do you think?

Speaking of crashes, Lee Hastings’ Subaru looked quite fit at Scrutineering. He crashed the car at the Pendragon just a few weeks ago but the boys have got it looking as good as new. The bad news is that Lee is a bad influence on Willie Nelson who is servicing for him this weekend. Now Willie is thinking of doing the event himself next year. Seeking sound advice he avoided Lee and asked CofC Andy Jardine what advice he could give him. His reply was short and to the point and wise beyond his years: “If you drive the rally as though you’re running late to catch a train, you’ll be fine, and you’ll get a result.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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