Friday 7 October 2016

Rally - Motorsport News

'Motorsport News' the last remaining weekly motorsports newspaper in the UK has been sold to the 'world’s largest digital motorsport company', the USA based Motorsport Network corporation which operates globally out of Miami.


It has also acquired 'Autosport Magazine' and '', 'F1 Racing magazine', LAT Photographic, and the rights to the 'Autosport International – The Racing Car Show' and the end of season 'The Autosport Awards' show.

What the future holds for these well known British brands is uncertain but Motorsport Network made its reputation in the digital age, not the print generation! However, the new owners are keen "to preserve the rich heritage in Haymarket’s motorsport businesses. Its fans, followers and customers can continue to seamlessly enjoy the world’s best-loved racing websites, magazines and blue-riband events."

Best known for its '' and '' website brands, Motorsport Network broadcasts digitally to 75 million people every month across 22 website editions operating in 16 languages.

Commenting on the announcement, Kevin Costello, CEO of the Haymarket Media Group, said: “Motor racing has formed part of the Haymarket portfolio for almost half a century and the company has nurtured these businesses from their origins to be global category leaders. However, we are reassured that the Motorsport Network are the right people to be custodians of these businesses for the next stage of their investment and development.

The acquisition and integration of the Haymarket motorsport portfolio into Motorsport Network will be stewarded by its Chairman, Zak Brown: “This milestone in acquiring the businesses that Haymarket has grown over decades will be recognised by everyone in the industry as a mark of our intent. All that is best about Autosport and its sister businesses will be preserved."

"Supported with investment and aligned with our dynamic organisational culture and high-speed growth that is attracting younger demographics to motorsport, the fusion of these two organisations presents tantalising opportunities for our staff and our clients alike,” he said.

This latest news on the motorsports broadcasting front follows American based Liberty Media's approach to buy the rights to Formula 1 motor racing. All we need now is for the Americans to make a bid for Mull, but seriously, is the writing on the wall for print media - or on the screen?

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