Sunday 16 October 2016

Rally - Not quite final

Only six cars made it through the final stage last night before it was halted after a car had gone off, so results for the Beatson’s Mull Rally (as far as this page is concerned) will have to wait till morning.

However, it does look as though John MacCrone and Stuart Loudon did enough to hold off Calum and Iain Duffy to snatch victory by a mere 10 seconds after 150 miles of waterlogged, rain-sodden, Mull tarmac.

And perhaps it would be better to reflect on the victory in the morning. It meant a lot to John. As he drove under the arch at the finish in Ledaig car park and stopped to get his final time check, he didn’t open his door. There were no handshakes or hearty congratulations, just a quiet man with his own thoughts and Stuart resting a comforting  hand on his arm.

Who knows what thoughts were going through his mind, but they were personal. Even so, we all understood that emotion and respected his private moment.

It was a fitting result, well deserved and entirely appropriate. More tomorrow.

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