Friday 7 October 2016

Rally - Mull for WRC?

Hardly, but the pictures certainly suggest some professional interest ahead of the island event. Surely that's a picture from the Dervaig hairpins with the massed ranks of spectators along the cemetery wall, and the new Atlantic Bridge at Loch na Keal which replaced the one that was washed away during the storms a couple of years back - or maybe not.

But the car is the clue. Who better to ask about the appeal and the challenge of the Beatson's Mull Rally than someone who has won there and competed successfully at World Championship level?  And whilst everyone talks about the cars and the drivers, what about those whose contribution is equally vital.

Could Mull ever host a round of the World series? Absolutely not. And it has nothing to do with lack of accommodation or space for service areas. It has more to do with the essentials of life. If a world round ever came to Tobermory just how long would it take get a pint or two at the bar of the Mishnish or the MacDonald or at MacGochans? And how long would the queue be for the chippy on the pier? Some things are just a bit more important than status and superstars.

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