Friday 21 June 2013

Road - Tell-tale braking

There is much talk in the car industry these days of internet availability inside moving vehicles and car-to-car communication features, but here's one that has truly sensible and practical implications. Ford is currently experimenting with an 'Electronic Brake Light' fitted to an S-Max test hack.

Essentially, this new system will alert drivers to vehicles braking ahead – even if they are around corners or hidden from view in traffic ahead!

In emergency braking situations, the experimental “Electronic Brake Light” transmits a wireless signal to illuminate a dashboard light in cars following behind even if the driver can't see them. The study found the technology could enable drivers to brake earlier and potentially mitigate or avoid a collision.

There could be other benefits too, but don't tell Ford! Such a system might allow the inexperienced to keep up with the professionals if fitted to rally cars and race cars. Just a thought.

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