Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rally - RSAC spectating

The RSAC is issuing very limited spectator info ahead of Saturday's Scottish Rally so the best way to get around is to buy a Programme. It's 5 quid, but a pound goes to 'Help for Heroes'.

Locations to buy the programme also appear to be very restrictive. They will be on sale at the ceremonial pre-rally start in Dumfries High Street from 7 pm on Friday evening or at Rally HQ on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

The first two stages are at Windy Hill (1st car 8.00 am and again at 11.05) and Ae West (1st car 8.20 am and 11.25) in Ae Forest just west of the A701, signposted Ae village.  Spectator car parking has been arranged to the north of the village, look out for the signs.

The usual spectator special stage at Heathhall will be used twice at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm.  Spectator car parking is available at the sawmill to the west of the stage off Tinwald Downs Road.

The first car is expected at Loch Grannoch at 1.10 pm with spectator access via the ‘C’ road at Gatehouse Station (at the end of the B796) north of Gatehouse of Fleet. And no, there are no trains to Gatehouse Station - Dr Beeching and his cohorts saw to that!

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