Sunday 2 June 2013

Rally - Thorburn still leads

Euan Thorburn has extended his lead slghtly over David Bogie after 5 of today's 8 stages on the Jim Clark Reivers Rally. However, David has explained his earlier time loss on the first stage. "The launch control system failed and we stalled. I spoke to Euan at the end of the stage and he says he doesn't use it. So we're not using it now either and so far it's paying off." Now that's friendly rivalry is it not?

Jock Armstrong lost 2 mins in Blackadder and has dropped to 13th place but at least he's still going. Rory Young is out with overheating problems. Barry Groundwater has moved into third place and Quintin Milne moved up to fourth. And proving there is life in the old dog yet, the DAM of Andy Horne is fifth with Alistair Inglis rounding off the top six.

Dom Buckley is 7th with his diff problem: "It affects the braking and the stability of the car, but we're still going," grinned Dom. For somebody that doesn't like tarmac, Donnie MacDonald's 8th place is all the more creditable and Steve Bannister is inside the top ten in his Historic spec Ford Escort MkII. Nice one Steve. Chris Collie's earlier time loss has also been explained. He broke a driveshaft on the startline of he first stage.

Top Ten after 5 stages (of 8)
1, Euan Thorburn, 30m 46.5s
2, David Bogie, 31m 08.2s
3, Barry Groundwater, 32m 33.9s
4, Quintin Milne, 32m 46.1s
5, Andy Horne, 32m 49.1s
6, Alistair Inglis, 32m 50.2s
7, Dom Buckley, 33m 39.7s
8, Donnie MacDonald, 33m 40.6s
9, Steve Bannister, 33m 54.7s
10 Peter Stephenson, 34m 05.5s

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