Sunday 2 June 2013

Rally - Thorburn leads

With 2 stages gone in today's Jim Clark Reivers Rally, Euan Thorburn, the JCR National winner from yesterday has taken a 15 second lead over 4 times Scottish champ David Bogie. Thorburn snatched the lead on the first run  over the Bothwell test by 15 seconds, with Bogie only managing to get 0.6 second back on the second run over the same test.

It's two years since Armstrong last did the Reivers: "I was braking far too early for the corners in the first one, then having to speed up again to reach them! Second stage was better though, took 20 sconds out of my first time."

In fourth place, Rory Young had a wee scare coming out of the second stage: "It was overheating so badly and shutting the engine down I didn't think we would reach service, but the boys have fixed it, something to do with the exhaust manifold. Sop we should be OK."

Barry Groundwater has recovered somewhat from yesterday's Illness: "I'm still not right but much better than I was yesterday. Just some sort of stomach bug that's going around."

Rounding off the top six is Dom Buckely and lucky to be here too: "The accumulator is burst on the end of the gearbox, the diffs are not working." Buckley Snr was quickly on the case: "The engineers have bypassed the valve." That's Borders-speak for they've clamped the pipe with a set of vicegrips!

Top Ten after 2 stages (of 8)
1, Euan Thorburn, 13m 51.0s
2, David Bogie, 14m 06.1s
3, Jock Armstrong, 14m 31.7s
4, Rory Young, 14m 43.6s
5, Barry Groundwater, 14m 46.6s
6, Dom Buckley, 14m 46.9s
7, Andy Horne, 14m 47.7s
8, Quintin Milne, 14m 51.6s
9, Alistair Inglis, 15m 00.5s
10, Mark McCulloch, 15m 11.9s

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