Saturday 22 June 2013

Rally - Jock leads DMACK

Although Jock Armstrong is leading the DMACK Carlisle Stages Rally after two stages by 2 seconds from Marty McCormack, he's not confident that he can maintain that: "I don't know what happened but the exhaust got flattened in SS2. I wasn't aware we hit anything but it's badly flattened and we can't get at it to fix it. I think I'll have to run without ALS this afternoon so that's not too good."

John MacCrone was cheery despite his problems. "We hit a stone when we were sliding the car. It didn't puncture the tyre but the impact knocked it off the rim and bent the rear beam.I'm still pleased with my times n SS2 and even in SS3, which we did still with the bent beam. This was a shakedown ahead of next week's Scottish and I'm needing seat-time. The Citroen is tricky to drive, I'm still learning. We didn't have a spare beam with us today so it's pack-up time.!

Chris Collie is still going though. "We broke the front n/s driveshaft on a hairpin at the end of SS2 so we had to do SS3 with three shafts. I wasn't hard on it, the car was still moving forward when I selected first at the hairpin but I don't know when these shafts were last changed anyway! I'll miss the Scottish shakedown next week that's why I came here, the car is kept in a yard near here, so better it happened here than next week!"

Another weel kent face in service was Tom Coughtrie in his MkII. "The car has done about 50 miles in the past two years but I fancied doing the Historic Championship this year. The first round was snowed-off, the engine failed on the next so I got a new engine. First time out with it, the distributor cap came off on the second stage, so better luck this time."

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