Wednesday 12 June 2013

Road - Mental Lego

Looking like the bastard son of the Ariel Atom, or the result of a Weegie scaffolder’s hangover after a night on the Buckie, is this concept ‘vehicle’ that was spotted at the Tokyo Toy Show.

Based on Toyota’s original Camatte concept car, this Camatte57s was created by Toyota for the Kids’ Life Zone at the Toy Fair.

The body is made up of 57 small, lightweight, detachable panels that can be finished in a wide choice of different colours and designs, and the pedals and seats can be adjusted so that children can drive it.

Powered by an electric motor, the car is 3 metres long, by 1,440 mm wide and 1,000 mm high, and can seat up to three folk.

So it’s not really Harry Potter’s first attempt at building an Airfix kit, or even Blue Peter going daft with sticky backed plastic, it’s just a really big set of mental Lego!

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