Saturday 22 June 2013

Rally - Taylor's DMACK

Peter Taylor won today's DMACK Carl;isle Stages Rally in the Ford Focus WRC which he sold last year to buy the Citroen DS3 - and has just re-bought! The Citroen is up for sale. It would appear that Peter will be taking no further interest in the BRC. "I wasn't really enjoying it," said Peter, "and I was having to take too much time off work for some of the events."

Martin McCormack was second in his Citroen DS3 and Jock Armstrong third. As he expected, he wasn't able to use the anti-lag system in the Subaru in the afternoon stages because of the squashed exhaust: "That was bad enough," said Jock, "but we got a rear puncture in the final stage and that was it." Had he not got the puncture then who knows, he might yet have won the rally. But as we all know, that's rallying.

Tapio Laukkanen didn't have a good day finishing 14th overall in a MkII Escort. It may have looked spectacular from the outside, but it wasn't as quick as he would have liked and there was a problem in getting the car to turn in to the corners, with the result that it was pushing wide or he was having to chuck it in from a distance!

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