Friday 14 June 2013

Rally - Scots in Carlisle

There's quite a bit of Scottish interest in next weekend's DMACK Carlisle Stages on Saturday 22nd June so if you're not going to the Doune Hillclimb (22/23 June) then a day out in Kielder could be just the ticket. Only, you won't need a ticket, entry is free and so is the Spectator Guide - although you'll have to download it from t'internet.

Jim McRae is entered in a MkII and Tom Coughtrie is wheeling out his own MkII although he'll need to squirt both oxters with WD40 to get himself started in the morning. Chris Collie is taking the EVO6 out for a run ahead of the Scottish, as is Jock Armstrong with the Subaru, and Peter Stewart will give his new Fiesta R2 its first public airing.

Late entries have also come in from the Citroen twins, John MacCrone and Peter Taylor - no doubt sharpening themselves up with a bit of gravel ahead of the Scottish!

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