Sunday 8 January 2012

Rally - Glendinning in Control

With 6 stages gone (from 8) on to-day's Grant Construction Stages Rally at Knockhill, Mike Glendinning has extended his lead at the head of the 42 car entry (31m 20s) and is now just over a minute clear of Mark McCulloch, but places behind them are not quite so certain.

Following an incident at the Flying Finish of Stage 5 when Stuart Baillie cowped his Subaru on its ear on the glaury surface, a number of cars behind him were delayed and given Notional times, and the organisers are deep in consultation seeking an acceptable outcome - rather than cancel the stage, which is always the last resort in such instances.

So positions are currently provisional pending a decision, with Gareth White in third place (32m 46s) in the wee Citroen ahead of Jim Sharp (32m 34s), Ian Forgan (33m 35s) and Bruce Hay in sixth place on 32m 50s.

Ross Hunter bis currently 7th in the Peugeot (33m 00s) ahead of Chris Collie (33m 42s), Wattie Warwick (43m 06s) and Des Campbell on 34m 07s, so it's all pretty close behind the top two.

However, the cars are now lining up for the final two stages but already the lights are on at Knockhill and the organisers are keen to get the final two stages run before it gets dark. And yet again, the weather has changed. A bitterly cold, cutting wind has blown away the rain and dense low cloud so folks can actually see after a very foggy couple of runs earlier.

A point worth noting is that there is no danger to spectators from polar bears - it's too cold for them up here!

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