Friday 1 April 2022

Message in a Bottle

Hullawerr chinas ... greetings from awfy far away! With the snow fallin', the wind blawin' and gas prices going up faster than a banker's bonus I have decided to depart these shores forthwith. In fact, I have gone. 

No more rally reporting, no more bruises from fleein' chuckies, no more standing in forestry ditches or nettle patches by the roadside waiting for bluidy cars to come past. No more talking to the illiterate, the nonsensical and the downright stupid trying to elicit information worthy of a report in the nation's press.

One more bonus, there's no MS UK or FIA over here! I have had enough, In fact I have had more than enough. I have packed up my wordly goods, emptied the piggy bank and the giant whisky bottle by the fireplace and splurged the lot on a one way ticket to the nearest faraway place. Just one favour to ask, could someone pop into Woolworth's and buy me a bucket and spade - all this bluidy sand and I left mine behind?

This is my last and final social media Post. Yer auld Pal, Jaggy Bunnet

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