Friday 8 April 2022

Road - A trip down memory lane

Once upon a time, motoring was fun and adventurous. It was a time when crisps came in one flavour - potato, and each bag had a wee twist of shiny blue paper with salt inside for self-sprinkling. Life was so innocent back in the golden age of motoring.

Fast forward to traffic jams and congestion, 'sleeping policemen' and speed cameras, congestion and parking charges, and politicians hell-bent on getting us out of the driving seat and into self-driving autonomous boxes.

And then along comes the Kia Stonic, a small car with a big personality. It may well be packed with all the 'essential' electronic aids required of modern cars but it did have one wee trick which made me smile. It was indeed a very small thing in the high speed world of automotive progress but it confirmed that humans are still in charge - at least for the time being!

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