Saturday 30 April 2022

Road - LR Defender

Getting away from it all ... with no Scottish rallies on this weekend, it's back to the day job.

This week's puzzle is how to categorise the Land Rover Defender. This a Clydesdale that thinks it's a thoroughbred, or should that be the other way round? It will happily tow 3500 kgs but can dispatch the 0 to 60 mph sprint in under six seconds - although I didn't try it with a trailer!

It will clamber over rocks and through bogs just as easily as it will cruise quietly and effortlessly at motorway speeds on the open road. The biggest surprise is that the 2 litre engine (with electric motor) produces in excess of 400 bhp. It's expensive and it can be thirsty but is addictively desirable.

Hence the need to sit in complete solitude on top of a mountain to seriously ponder this most difficult dilemma.

And some folks think I have got it easy! Full review soon.


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