Monday 25 April 2022

Road - Ford Fiesta Active

I was asked at the weekend by a couple of folk what I thought about the Ford Fiesta I was driving recently, so we had a short chat. The trouble was I had a wee bit of an admission to make. Motoring journalists aren't supposed to have favourites, they are supposed to report fairly and dispassionately.

They have to rise above popular opinion and not be swayed or tempted by top Spec and full Option sheets, shiny paint, glittering alloys, sultry engine noises and the fresh smell of a brand new interior when you open the door.

It  just so happens that I like small, well-suspended, good handling, nimble cars with a decent bit of poke. You can have as much fun at half the speed.

That's not to say I dislike the bigger bangers and thumpers, but the trouble is you can't exploit their potential on public roads, so you end up frustrated - the Fiesta is frustration-free ...

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