Thursday 10 March 2022

Rally - Snowman Report

That's the main headline report from the AM Phillip Trucktech Snowman Rally now published in the online mag at ''. 

There's also a list of the top ten fastest times on each stage which makes awfy interesting reading. The Class roundup will have to wait till next week as I have a mighty and thunderously important task to undertake this weekend - more on that later - perhaps!

Correction & Apology ... I made a mistake in the rally report which I submitted to this week's 'Motorsport News' and must apologise to the Lees brothers. In the report I said it was Ewen who was with Ian Forgan, when in fact he was codriving for Donald Brooker in the Subaru Legacy. Which means that it was in fact Chris who was with Ian when the car tumbled off the road. I'm sure we all wish Ian and Chris a speedy recovery.

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