Tuesday 8 March 2022

Rally - Rally Sport News

Bob Irvine has been busy again. The latest issue of his 'Rally Sport News' is now available to view on  line. As usual it's full of newsy snippets and articles and the ideal companion for a feet up, mug of tea moment. There's a feature on Anders Kullang, a name that many will recall, and another on a chap called Alex Strathdee whom fewer might recall, but who played an integral part in Jim McRae's career. Well worth the read.

The link below may seem a bit long and cumbersome, but I tried the shorter version Bob originally sent out and it didn't work. He said no-one else has complained so he must think I'm awfy computer illiterate, but anyway if this one worked for me, it should work for everybody!

It's in 'pdf' format so you can read it on line or download it to read it later.


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  1. You got my attention with just the sports word because I am crazy for sports and eagerly waiting to watch Australian Open in Singapore, because it is one of the greatest sports events.