Wednesday 11 November 2020

Rally - Mull Special

The November edition of Mull's answer to 'Scottish Field', 'People's Friend', the 'Sunday Times Magazine' and the 'Broons Annual'  is out now and as the cover states, this is a 'Rally Special' edition in recognition of the sad fact there was no 'big' rally in Mull this year. 14 pages of the 40 page issue have been devoted to the history and recollections of many of those involved including Neil Molyneux, Andy Jardine, John Clayton, Duncan Brown, Ross Williams, 'Callum' and of course, my big pal Jaggy.

And it's only £1 for acres of reading. If you fancy a copy, there might still be some left and can be posted out for 3 quid.

Details on the website at:



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